Love Shines Through

LOve Shines Through



Let’s give the way to love, don’t bound,
Just sit and keep ears on the whispering sound,
Hey, be quite, it’s a loving sound, sweet too,
Shut the eyes and feel, it moves all around,
Let it move, please! don’t make it bound.




So, sunny the day is, When the love sways early dawn,
It blooms like roses and fragrants the whole lawn,
Thorns accompany it, although, it’s still valued,
As a red rose, makes its pose side by side thorn,
So let it prosper, don’t hindrance to move on.




Let love’s gentle and pleasant breeze, softly blow,
And carry our hearts, to a place we know,
Where kindness and compassion, forever grow,
And the beauty of love, and hope forever show,
So let it flourish like garden fair and trees bow.


BY: R. Naheed.

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