The Struggle Of A Dove

The struggle of a dove



With the early dawn, the sun is in mood best.
A dove starts its day and man is taking rest.
To make a sweet home for her young ones,
With twigs and leaves, she start her quest.



She takes many flights to bring Fancy twigs,
To decor her home she gathers many things,
She labors with love, and with all her might,
She tries for her dreamy home with little wings.



After a hard work, she is able to take rest,
With her young ones,in her beautiful nest,
But the wind feels jealous, and began to blow,
With all might, her nest is put to the test.



If the wind fails, then rain comes to play,
Sweet home is on the ground, in spite her pray,
Once again she is homeless with her family,
Her work hard went down, she did all the day.



Next dawn, she gets up and forgets her pain,
She gathers strength and tries labor again,
With determination, she begins to weave and pin,
She is succeeded with a home so strong and gain.



Oh, the life of dove, so difficult and twisted,
It seems to us, She is lucky and God gifted,
With every fall, she finds a way to stand,
And teaches us to appreciate life’s beauty lifted.


By: R. Naheed

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