Womanhood’s Crown

War Within The Wall




As I opened my eyes, dreams began to shine bright,

Meanwhile, mob machine got furious and jumped from height,

My dreams broke into pieces and scattered all around,

I got up fiercely,  and a war came into sight.




The battle started, on the issue of dreams refine,

Machine’s loud roar made my heart entwine,

With every blow, a shared of hope did shine,

But machine’s grip was hard to redefine.




Washing machine with heavy weight, joined the fight.

Her debates and roars, all sided with my  foe’s might,

She turned deaf ears to my pleading cry,

And with each argument, my foe’s anger touched the height.




This battle changed the colors within some moments,

When the appliances from the kitchen gave comments,

This battle adopted the colors of global war,

The sounds seemed like blast of bombs descend.




I lost the battle, for being a woman alone,

So I gathered the pieces of dreams gone,

Put into the cupboard,  with the newfound grace,

I found my limit, and embraced womanhood’s crown.


By:    R. Naheed

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