Poetic Punches   As I started my poetic journey, I began to create poems, funny, A word game began, with playful tricks, My verbal fare was sweetened by linguistics honey.     My humor began to weave a creative nest, My poetic punches landed best, My phonic content began to appeal, With a new thought, […]

Tear A small drop of tear, so crystal, so clear, Concealing the weight of years, so dear. The tales of bottomless sorrows, That never fades, by more years borrows. Its depths cover the deepness of seas, Its reason inspires courage to reach the skies. A new strength is gifted to the heroic struggle, So kind

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Inn For you, my heart is an inn, It is made of a layer, so thin. So furnished and luxurious, Let’s take rest and then finn. It’s made of assets true, You’ll will find comfort in. My love is its manager, To manage your living. My feelings are waiters, For you, they’re waiting. My emotions

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Makeup of soul   Soul is the place where loves reside, Purity and truth roam gently side by side, Wisdom’s shade, brighten the eyes of soul, As they fill the colors in the woman’s sight. A base of kindness, compassion shines through, That brings the new look to soul’s  skin tight. The lipstick of courage,

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Along ♦ In the journey of life, no one is alone, Hand in hand, each moment spins us strong, The beauty of love lies in joining, As happiness and sorrows travel along,   In the green valley, where flowers dance, Their glow enhance with each glance, This miracle comes in life with a relationship long,

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Carefree Love   Carefree love is a holly gift, From down to up, we lift. In the kaleidoscope of emotions, Shades of sentiment unfold. Roams in the street of love and hope, Brings freshness without a beauty soap. In the shades of sentiment, we find, A symphony of feelings, intertwined. A kaleidoscope of the human

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Ode To Lips     Let’s praise your lips in a new style, That’s not wrong, if I use word, “fragile” As petal of rose In a fragrant garden, Where roses are enriched with a silent smile.       If I start to explain smile sprout, Then I need to use words so stout,

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          Makeover In the modern age and finest hour, The reign of beauty is same and more. In the magic of makeover’s embrace, A woman finds her captivating grace. From subtle blush to lips so bright, A lovely woman, a mesmerizing sight, A miracle unfolds in every line, As she becomes

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The spring As spring arrives on winter’s chill, Everything awakens with new thrill. Sprinkles bloom smiling on face, Fragrance unfolds, a perfume race. Breeze dances to give warmth to all, It seems new life is taking birth  after fall. Sprinkles blooms with a lovely smile, Each branch is decorated, meanwhile. Then cuckoo starts singing cooo,

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