I’m Not Lazy, I’m On Silent Mode

I’m Not Lazy, I’m On Silent Mode



I’m not lazy, I’, on silent mode,
Recharging my batteries, my heart is overload,



My mind is setting goals, but first, a nap,
Because thinking’s a hard work, I need snacks to clap.



I’m not idle, I’m busy in some creation,
Trying to invent a robot to do my obligations.



Bringing novelty is my mission, or so I claim,
But honestly, I’m just watching Netflix again.



My productivity is on pause, but don’t you fret,
I’ll get back to work or may be just hit reset.



After all silence is golden, and is my couch,
In the hustle and bustle, I don’t need to take a moche.



I’m not lazy, I’m just saving my flair,
On silent mode, life is without a care.



So don’t judge my nap, or my snack filled routine,
I’m pro at this game, a relaxation machine.



I’m not lazy, just perfectly stilled,
On silent mode, my batteries are thrilled.


By. R. Naheed.


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