The oblivion, A Blessing

The Oblivion, A Blessing



How lucky you are, so free from pain,

Your mind is clear, no worries remain,



The gossip’s chains that bound you tight,

Are broken now, they are no more bright.



Your eyes are also lucky as you are,

They don’t have to revise the dreams , saw before.



Their tears are the luckiest too,

Because they never fall, except for you.



Your eyes are Enriched with the sleep true,

In the world, so rich there are hardly few.



Your heart is a palace of a royal king,

Whose purpose of life is to enjoy everything.



You are blessed with oblivion that makes you carefree,

Of the dreams that you wove with a poor bee.



Thy sunrise, thy sunset, all for you and for your rest.

No regret, wandering happily in east or west.



This oblivion, is the God gifted fruit that fall,

Not on everyone and doesn’t it suit to all.



Hence you’re the luckiest and pampered by God,

God has veiled your eyes from all lies and  all fraud.


By:   R. Naheed.

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