Thank God I am a Human being.



Wandering through Wonderful world,
Visiting the vast and sky curled,
Going deep to the valley purpled,
I cleared my all vision blurred,
And got up gratefully murmuring,
Thanks God, I am A human being.



He gifted me eyes to see,

The nature, full of glee’
And give me charm and beauty,
All the blessings are free,
Thank you for power you bring,
Thanks God, I am a human being,




With every breath, with every sight,
In realms of day and realms of night,
I reign supreme with full delight,
In vast skies, I have long flight,
With gratitude, my voice sing,
Thanks God, I am a human being.




Thank you, God for this precious life,
Filled with opportunities to thrive,
I am only able to take a long drive,
to the moon,to take a new arise,
I am truly blessed as pampering,
Thanks God, I am a human being.




Through trials, I grow each day,
Guided by your light, find my way,
In times of sorrow or I am gay,
In all moments, I only pray,
Thank you, created me creatures’ king,
Thanks God, I am a human being.

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