Strong Blows Of Wind

Strong Blows Of Wind



How strong the wind blows, wild and free,

coming from deep, blue sky, far away from me.



With each gust, freshness fills the air,

Blows that bring memories, beyond compare.



The wind’s sharp sound, so loud and clear,

Echoes my friend’s laughter,  year by year,



Its noisy blast, a joyful sound,

Matches the fun, our laughter all around.



Who listen closely,    with a heart,

Attains the nature’s subtle art.



The wind whispers secrets, old and new,

Of distant lands, and memories true.



With every breath, a message brings,

From far- off  land, and distant springs,



This wind is whispering, memories few,

My friend’s wisdom,  fair and true.



I love the strong blows of cool wind,

The  wind of spring is my past king.


By: R. Naheed.

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