Should I pen this romantic prose,
Which will give us a nourishing dose.



Or an epic should be a roam of romance,
To deepen love’s   enchanting trance.



Our boundless love, like rivers flow,
In the roams of romance, it’s ours to know.



Beneath the moon’s enchanting gaze,
Two souls embark on love’s sweet maze.



Through meadows of bliss and fields of desire.
They wander together, consumed by fire.



Each step they take, a journey anew,
In the roams of romance, dreams come true.



Beneath the canopy of a velvet sky,
Whispers of love,like a gentle sigh.



With every touch, sparks ignite,
In the glow of love’s eternal light.



Their love story, an enchanting dance,
Captivating all in the roams of romance.



So let us venture, hand in hand,
Exploring the wonders of love’s grand.



In the roams of romance, forever we’ll roam,
Creating a masterpiece, our love’s own poem.


By:       R. Naheed.



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