Ripeness vs Witnesses


Ripeness vs witness




Life is a long tree with thorns that grow,

Everyone faces them, as they come and go.




It bears fruits of many kinds, both sweet and sour,

  Ripe and unripe,     with flavors to devour.




The price of fruit only harvesters hold,

And know its pros and cons, young and old.




Ripeness comes with age to age,

As life turns its page to page.




People who taste its juice.

are also able to be witness Bruce.




We strive for witness, a peak to attain,

In the journey, we bear witness to pain.




The struggles and triumphs, the moments we share,

Shape us, like fruit, into something beyond compare.




Ripeness is fleeting, a moment in time,

But the witness within us, a story to rhyme.




Ripeness is peak of love and emotions high,

witness comes true and poetry touches the sky.



By: R. Naheed.

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