LOVE RIDE   In the darkness of night, when everything is out of sight.   Complete silence prevails the earth, then peace of mind takes birth.   When stars are twinkling in the sky, and sun has said […]

Love is a powerful emotion. Which shapes the notion. When people are in love. They can see nothing above. Hope and power work together. Hurdles add the severe weather. In spite that,wishes move to ambition. Love has been changed into devotion. Curiosities takes birth in the way, Many rivalries go down to the clay. The


MY REAL LOVE One play ground’ was my grandfather’s lap, a place, that was not seen in any world map.   when I sat to play in his lap, with effection, he saw me and then, with love he started to tap.   Playing with his bear was my favourite hobby, he loved me a


    O’ lovely pot of clay, how long can you stay?   After completing your task, later or sooner you have to go away.   you’ve forgotten the purpose of your existence to obey.   you are marvelous creation of creator by the way.   Don’t engross yourself in the world, in fact it

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    In these sufferings of life I came to give you amusing sight.     lets leave behind the sorrows to rest the mind as you like.     stop to bemuse your poor brain this will suit only to your wife.     Don’t justify to the world what you are, this can

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Love is Life Love is essential in life, if it is pure. Lover can die for you, it should be sure. Love will heal your wounds, as it is a magical cure. It’s possible that some fears you have to endure. Because mostly lover is tested by his words he speak extra fewer. But I

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A grandfather is sharing his memories of childhood with his grandchild. When he starts to tell about rainbow scene, he enjoys and feels himself free from all worries and enjoys gossips but at the end, when he remembers that he has passed many years without enjoying this natural beauty because he has been earning materialistic

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