ROAMS OF ROMANCE     Should I pen this romantic prose, Which will give us a nourishing dose.     Or an epic should be a roam of romance, To deepen love’s   enchanting trance.     Our boundless love, like rivers flow, In the roams of romance, it’s ours to know.     Beneath the […]

      Thank God I am a Human being.     Wandering through Wonderful world, Visiting the vast and sky curled, Going deep to the valley purpled, I cleared my all vision blurred, And got up gratefully murmuring, Thanks God, I am A human being.     He gifted me eyes to see, The

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Thou Art Fair.     O my love, thou art fair, In beauty’s realm,a peerless flare, No measure finds thy grace so rare, In every glance, thy splendor’s glare, Thou art fair, beyond compare.     In every canvas, and every beating heart, With thee, we find the essence of our art, With you, I


                            Lovely And Entoxic  Eyes   If I start to admire your eyes just, The whole day will pass in words quest. No word can explain the deepness of your eyes. As the beauties of romantic ocean are lies. To dive into


                                        My MOTHER   My  MOTHER  is a gift for me of God, She makes everything easy from hard, Without her my life is dark, Like precious diamonds this is word.   MY mother is a sunshine

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                                           Parental Love In the world, Every love is for some sake, but the parental love can never be fake. Father and mother, both beautify the world, Without them straight way changed into curled. They

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