My Heart Is Everywhere



My heart is there, every where.
In love, it wanders without fear.
In realms unseen, beyond compare,
It jumps in glee, here and there.



In valleys deep and mountains high,
Midst whispered winds and vast sky,
In hope, it wanders with out care,
My heart is there and every where.



Through dreams fields and ocean vast,
It roams, unchained from first to last,
In every beat, and a silent prayer,
My heart is there, it’s everywhere.



In laughter of rivals and in tears that fall,
In moments fleeting, it hears the call.
In love embrace, in solitude’s stare,
My heart finds solace, every where.



So let it journey, let it roam,
Through distant lands to closer home.
For its flight, it’s ever aware,
My heart is there, it’s always there.

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