Moonlit Musings

  1. Moonlit Musings



Today the moon was in full bloom,

Fully glowing, like a woman on a glittering room.



It was so lovely and in romantic mood,

The power was transferred into my mind through Bluetooth.



The moon, a charming debater, shone bright,

Its light transmitting fun into my very being tonight.



I addressed him in a humorous tone,

He joined in with a debate bone, all his own.



He started to speak for love and taking oath.

His justifying left me with open mouth.



It lighted upon his love and a bag of oaths too,

He seemed on the journey towards his beloved true.



I gathered my strength, despite his spirit’s rise,

And delivered a lengthy speech based on thinking, true and wise.



Unable to reject his strong arguments,

I turned my debate towards the peaceful




Raining of thoughts remained continued whole night,

He was firmed to his stance, I kept my side tight.



Being alone in the sky, to love he was justified,

I too, being among human, war specialized.



Just then, a firefly fluttered in, and disrupted our dispute.

Set the ears to both and laughed, surprised us with flute.



” nonsense disputes, in peaceful time cease,

Mind your own task and let others find their release.”



By: R. Naheed

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