Love’s Reflection



On each splendid and lovely dawn,
Standing in green and wide lawn,
When I touch the shining dew,
In each moment, I feel it’s you.



As sunbeams dance upon my face,
Warmth and light fill every place,
In every ray, your love shines anew,
In every new start of day, it’s you.



In starry nights, with skies so wide,
A celestial show, side by side,
In twinkling lights, sky  looks dark blue,
In every color, I see, it’s you.



In the rainy season, when rain falls,
Men, animals, birds enjoy, creatures all.
Every thing looks bright and hue,
Every drop of rain sounds, it’s you.



In every spring, when the flowers bloom,
With their fragrance, is scented every room,
The cuckoo starts it’s song, coo, coo, cooo,
In every song, I listen, It’s you, only you.


By:        R.   Naheed


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