Language’s Landscape

Language’s Landscape



My love for poetry, takes me to the land,

Where language’s landscape shines ageless and grand.



In this vast view,  my imaginations roam,

My ideas and thoughts dance before me with noam.



This landscape is so wide, where words play a fair game,

Touching every heart with the same sweet flame.



The rhythm of words, the symphonies play,

And my soul with rhythm begins to sway.



With rhymes and words game, a group of musician engage.

The flute and  guitar play with heart touching  range.



These instruments play with the emotions so true,

Sadness and joy, sprinkling out anew.



With every line, a new horizon appears,

A fresh perspective through laughter and tears.



With poetic fame, a treasure to explore,

A poetic journey, we’ll forever adore.



In short, when I step in the poetic land,

A fun descends in each stone and every sand.



By: R. Naheed.








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