Heat Stroke, Rain Broke

Heat stroke, Rain Broke



It was mid-May, the sun’s intense wrath reigned,
Like a cruel king, its heat maintained.
Once a close friend, now a foe to all,
Young and old lost their vitality, and all would fall.



Due to its anger, God’s creature suffered long,
Birds and animals appealed, their songs gone wrong.
Then the skies grew dark, and grey clouds gathered fast,
Raindrops fell like tears, bringing relief at last.



The storm’s sweet balm, soothed the pain,
And brought new hope, like summer rain.
Heat stroke’s fierce grasp was broken,peace restored,
By rain’s gentle touch, all hearts were explored.



All were happy, young and old, employee and boss,
Except the farmers, grieving at their loss.
Alas,their crops were ready for harvest’s delight,
Ruined by thunder storm’s crest, their livelihood’s plight.



All weather’s best for some, not for all, we see,
In each situation, some are sad and other in glee.
Healing and wounds stay the same, for all to share,
The world is round ball, where we all must care.


By: R. Naheed


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