Happily Lose With Success Dose

Happily lose with success dose


In the art of letting go,
Precious to cheap and low.


By letting of the need to win,
I find a peace that’s hard to spin.



A freedom from the constant strife,
A sense of calm, a new life.



The art of wins and losses, similar to a toll,
For every gain, a cost, A balance to unfold.


Combining wins and losses, we find our way,
And facing rivals, we emerge stronger each day.


The letting down is the compulsory to win,
Like a wheal without fuel is hard to spin.


Loosing isn’t easy, as it’s often seen,
But it’s a necessary step to become a Dean.


The adventurers who take more, and happily lose,
Attain success in the journey, with a dose of joy that they diffuse.


BY:      R.  Naheed.



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