Childhood Memories.

A grandfather is sharing his memories of childhood with his grandchild. When he starts to tell about rainbow scene, he enjoys and feels himself free from all worries and enjoys gossips but at the end, when he remembers that he has passed many years without enjoying this natural beauty because he has been earning materialistic fame that never gave him as true bliss as natural beauty. He becomes sad and feels himself a poor man. In spite of having much successes, he finds himself empty handed.

Whenever I jump in my childhood wing,
feeling free  and ruling as king,
I make fun  when share my gossips to son,
gathers memories of past as a beads string.
In rainy season,when rainbow chased the rain,
color strips sprinkled bliss  as coin gain.
running into street, sharing with fellow bees,
the colour of rainbow whispered as chuk chuk of train.

Now the years have passed, rainbow never joined me,
or    I have lost in search of materialistic glee.
In the crowed of my achievements, with vibes I tries
to be happy but my glazed eyes travel to empty sky.

In search of pure delight,they travel left and right,
and return with interrogation about colors bright.
I shut them up by counting the triumphs which I earned,
to enhance hoax dignity and to be a most seen sight.

I was stunned by perceiving my snag acquisition,    
have I found the real bliss as  the great mission?
dis I found that I am bound in the dusty ground,
when I jumpd in my childhood wing to get a session.

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