“Would That” “Would that” a  phrase that works whole life, It directs the struggle of man, woman husband and wife, People give birth to wishes,  and wishes rear them, Would that, shapes the struggle with tools some. Would that, a bundle of countless wishes, Like a […]

The silence     Come, I tune your ear to hear, The quietness’ sound deep and clear.   It describes deep meanings, That were said hidden for fear.   It will lead you to the ways, That are full of dusty affairs.   The silence sounds loud too, But you need to pay heed to

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 Ocean In Peace     So wide ocean,   so silent motion, So wavy, loving and full of emotions, Its waves rise, give the shore sweet hugs more, Get back, Kissing the sand with love intention, Breaking the ocean’s silence, move again with new freshness, To the thirsty beach, burning in demarcation.       Its

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Be kind   Several times, I thought to be polite, it’s true, True endeavors to practice kindness were few.     Once, I tried to tame with coffee machine, With love and care, its  temper to glean.     But, it met  with spoiled mood that day, Roaring loud, splattered coffee my way.    

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Vice and virtue     Whenever, I get the chance to give in vice, The vice bound me and gives me visit of street, thrice.     Where, I never find myself alone, My friends also join the vice, golden brown.     In the crowd, vice finds its strength, A collective darkness, where it

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Coffee-kicks                 I’m not a morning person, I’m not a night person,                   I’m addicts of coffee-kicks in the exposure of sun.              Enjoyments of the hot kicks are unexplained,   But in front of

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Moonlit Musings     Today the moon was in full bloom, Fully glowing, like a woman on a glittering room.     It was so lovely and in romantic mood, The power was transferred into my mind through Bluetooth.     The moon, a charming debater, shone bright, Its light transmitting fun into my very

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