Beyond Time’s Grasp


Although, the time comes to go,
Everything seems walking to and fro.
In the realm, where time holds sway,
Every moment slips away.



Yet in its grasp, we find our song,
A melody that’s ever strong.
For time may bind, but also bestow,
The gift of change, the chance to grow.



Eternal echoes dance and play,
In endless night or endless day.
No past, no future, only now,
Where galaxies in splendor bow.



Stars whisper secrets to the moon,
In melodies of endless tune.
Where ageless rivers softly flow,
And ancient trees their wisdom show.



We are bound by love’s everlasting grace,
In the eternal embrace, we find our place.
So let us dance within time passing sharp,
No doubt, Our love is beyond time’s grasp.


By:       R. Naheed.


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