Alone, a word of five simple letters blend,
In this vast world, it is my only friend,
To whom I share my deeds and misdeeds,
A partner in sufferings to borrow and lend.



If I take out “A”, there is only “lone”,
A stands for absence, its very bone.
A hollow where the heart can sense,
Silence stands with a heavy tone.



If I takeout “L”, it leaves only “a one”,
L stands for loneliness, when joy is gone.
A lingering shadow, a quiet moan,
where solitude whispers, we’re never alone.



If I take out “O”, it leaves “lone” and “a”,
O stands for owner, of my heart bay,
To gather it when it is broken by someone,
It is the best companion when it is gay.



If I take out “N”, what’s left is “aloe”,
N signifies the night, where shadows grow.
A cloak of darkness, where fears take flight,
Yet in its embrace, I find my fellow.



If I take out “E”, there’s just “alon”,
E refers eternal melodies on thorn,
These melodies softly chase my past,
And dance with me during back on.


By: R. Naheed.


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