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Poetlenses is the right place for poetry lovers. Here you will find master pieces of poetry that will touch your soul and will keep long-lasting effects.


“Words” just letters joined, with  effects grand,

They bridge the gap even to the deaf land,

Through the hole of understanding, they go,

Wholeheartedly, they grow in the dry sand,

Touching the soul, once fouled and worn,

Healing it gently to help it grandly stand.


This light definition of words will help you to understand the actual importance of words. Poetry has indeed been a timeless source of enjoyment, inspiration, and a solace for people across cultures and centuries. its unique ability to capture the human experience, evoke emotions, and convey complex thoughts and feelings in a lyrical form, has made it a beloved art form.


I am Rukhsan Naheed. I am admin of poetlenses.com. I got M. Phil degree in English language so I have been in touch with literature so that’s  why I have huge crush on  poetry. I am from Pakistan and belong to a middle class. I write on several topics. You will observe my love for nature through my poetry. When I step into the land of poetry and touch its fragile I feel inner bliss and start  playing with words, carefree from worry-free. So, I want  my readers also pass through this bliss and moments of calm.



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