A String of Beads.

Once I passed through a mystery,
that had never happened in my history.

I was crawling on the way to the school,
at that time, I was little bit fool.

Unwillingly, I was near to my destination,
moving like a model disclosing her fashion.

At the same time, I saw a rope laying ahead,
It was shining like gold or probably diamond.

I was surprised and twinkled my eyes.
I was completely astonished like wise.

If I talk about its length it was two feet long,
and beads were embedded on it very strong.

Before that I take it up in my hand,
I decided to give it to my friend.

In hurry, I bowed with long arm,
with pleasure I was feeling warm.

With that, I found my finger in the mouth of snake,
How I tell you that the shining rope was fake.

At once, I found myself down from my bed in gleam,
as opened my eyes and said,”Thank God it was a dream”.

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