A melody of Memories

A Melody Of Memories


When night prevails, I am happy and gay,

Thus, the day symbolizes  happiness and  darkness , decay.


In the heart of the dark night, gatherings and debates,

Are the pastimes of my pains and inner solace,


Silence is the chief guest, musicians are the memories,

When the guest arrives, it is welcomed by the symphonies.


Long droughts of peace, play the role of wines.

Parties remain continued through out the nights, fines.


As the  moon joins us, there harmony plays,

Harmony of moments, and my  long past days.


Echoes of laughter,  and whispers old,

 The fun  experienced is untold.


Whenever, luckily cool breeze joins us,

Flute is played, the party becomes more joyous.


Don’t think that without you, I have lost daylight,

Your alienation is fully celebrated every night.


By:     R. Naheed


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